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* 台灣訂單:消費滿 NT$1,000 即享免運!

* 香港訂單:消費滿 NT$2,000 即享免運!

Love Track prides ourselves in turning quality crops grown in Taiwan into cups of instant drinks for a healthy boost.

We cherry pick only crops grown using eco-friendly farming practices as raw materials, because we respect the land and we consider food safety a top priority.

To bring out the best of these quality ingredients, we opt for ultrasonic extraction that comes at a higher cost, but helps retain the natural nutrition of the ingredients.

Free of artificial flavorings and coloring, our production process allows the natural flavors to fully unfold—pure and unadulterated.

We don't want to enter a price war, because we are firm on the quality we bring to the table.

We know this much: we can't compromise on the quality of drinks we ingest into our bodies, neither can we sacrifice the health of our consumers. Our commitment to food safety and the love for our land remains resolute.

We are Love Track, extracting pure authentic taste from nature.


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Taiwanese Traditional Noodles

Noodles in Chinese means longevity and luck.From generation to generation, we persist to make it by the best short patent flour. The Taiwanese traditional noodles are exposed under the sunlight in southern Taiwan during winter. With the warmth, its mouthfeel is very smooth and springy.It is a unique Taiwanese traditional noodles with best flavor. 


Organic Coffee

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