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Our Philosophy

Having traveled afar to witness the wonders of the world and search for the meaning of life, how long have you fallen out of touch with the land you grew up on?

Turning quality crops grown in Taiwan into cups of instant drinks for a healthy boost is the beginning of Love Track. It's also the beginning of our re-connection with our land.


We are Love Track, extracting pure authentic taste from nature.

Insisting on

local production from soil to spoon, we choose only crops grown using eco-friendly farming practices in Taiwan.

Then we tap into these ingredients using ultrasonic extraction technology to bring out their nutritional essence.

Every drop is as pure as it gets, intended to make your day.

We are up front about

the variable flavors of our drinks.

Taking the gift of nature at its very heart, free of artificial flavorings and coloring, we present to you nature's simplest offerings.

It's our deep belief that

when we treat the land with respect, the land will reciprocate accordingly.

We aspire to continue digging down to discover the natural delights of our land.

Our love for the land is on track to deliver a source of energy for all.


Our Manifesto

Grown and Made in Taiwan! 

One hundred percent selected crops grown in Taiwan.

We take care of everything from the start to end—production, extraction and packaging—to present the authentic natural taste Taiwan has to offer. 

With eco-friendly farming at the core,

we join forces with farmers who love this land just as much.

By saying no to chemicals, allowing natural symbiosis to take over, we wait patiently until harvest time, making ourselves in sync with the land.

Fresh from the farm,

ultrasonic extraction technology helps us do without any artificial flavorings or coloring to keep the natural nutrition and taste intact.

Sharing with you the joy of harvest from the bottom of our hearts.